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by Donna Hutchinson
London based TEFL Teacher, @donnatamara

If you asked my class whether they did any work on phrasal verbs, I worry that they might let out a groan of frustration. Although, I like to believe this is just projection. Once you’re aware of phrasal verbs it is quite astounding how much we, as native English speakers, use them. During my CELTA, an awareness of phrasal verbs was something I learnt very early on when in my first solo session, I asked my intermediate students to take down what I was writing on the board. As I turned round to face them after scrawling on the board I was hit when a sea of blank faces. I repeated my request to no avail until someone eventually asked, whist glancing around at the walls, “take what down from where?” Henceforth I was acutely aware of how much phrasal verbs can confuse lower-level learners and moreover, just how often I used them.

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