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by Jonathan Last @JonathanLast1
Author of Teaching English with Chopsticks: TEFL from the Frontline

Working with a diverse classroom

By Christian Fischer. (Own picture of a private globe, made in Germany.) [CC-BY-SA-2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Teaching English has many variables.  These include the type of institution that employs you; whether you’re working in your home nation or abroad; if you’re teaching adults or children; and your learners’ motivation.  One thing that will certainly never be the same twice is your students.

If you’re living in another country, the students are likely to be mostly, if not all, indigenous – you would certainly expect this to be the case in Asian nations such as China, Japan and Korea.  This uniformity will, of course, still throw in a range of personalities and combinations of characters.

But if you are teaching to a multicultural classroom – something more than likely in London – then you will face an additional challenge unique to environments that bring together people from a diverse cultures, backgrounds and beliefs.

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