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by Manjusha Nambiar

Many EFL teachers are reluctant to provide IELTS training. They believe that they do not have the necessary skills. This is not true. You do not require any special skills to teach IELTS. You just need to be familiar with the format of the exam.

It is true that IELTS is different from standard English tests in many ways, but there is nothing particularly daunting. A very important aspect of the test is its insistence on structure. Here are a few tips and tricks that would make the job of an IELTS instructor even easier.

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by Donna Hutchinson
London based TEFL Teacher, @donnatamara


Recently, I gave my IELTS class a task 2 practice test. For those of you not fluent in IELTS (lucky you) this means a 250 word essay giving an opinion of some sort. The question was as follows:

Computers are not necessarily the best way for children to learn. In many areas of education a teacher can be more effective in helping pupils to gain new skills and knowledge.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this point of view?

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