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Hampstead School of English

Hampstead School of English

Established in 1977, the school has grown and the range of courses offered has widened. It was first recognised by the British Council in 1987 and is now accredited by various ‘English as a Foreign Language’ associations including EAQUALS, IALC, Quality English and English UK with rigorous inspections at regular intervals.

Around 350 students from approximately 45 different countries now study at the school at any one time for a week up to a year. This number varies in the summer term where around 450
students can study at any one time. Most students study for a minimum of 15 hours per week, regarded as full time by various institutions (full time). We believe that the large number of returning students and personal recommendations is a reflection of our commitment to the individual attention given to every student. We want every student to leave the School feeling that we have done all we can to help them, not only with their English studies, but also with their accommodation and general pastoral care. We offer classes with maximums of 15 and 8 and aim to provide the same level of individual attention as they would receive if they were in a smaller class.

Teamwork is another aspect of the school which we feel sets us apart from other schools of our size. The environment, both inside and outside the classroom, is friendly and relaxed, and the teachers all share material and ideas on a day-to-day basis. Weekly staff meetings provide a further forum for discussion. The Director of Studies and the Assistant Director of Studies work closely with the teachers and assistants to encourage co-ordination and discussion on an informal basis.

The school continues to expand and our aim is to maintain the balance we have established between high academic standards and friendly informality, and to offer excellence to the growing numbers of students and staff.

Hampstead School of English
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