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TEFL CV – Advice for London Teachers

By Jon Duckett
Experienced TEFL teacher and director at TEFL Jobs London

TEFL CV – Advice for London Teachers

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Writing a good TEFL CV is key to getting teaching work at language schools in London. Competition is tough so spending an extra few minutes checking to make sure you have included all the relevant content can make all the difference. TEFL Jobs London gives a few tips on how to improve your chances.

  1. After your name and contact details include your degree and TEFL course information. These are always required so make it easy for DOS’s to see instantly that you’re eligible for the job.
  2. Secondly, include a paragraph entitled teaching experience. Bullet point each area of experience such as young learners, exam classes, higher-level classes, multi-lingual groups, business English etc. Add some detail to each point, such as the context in which you gained the experience.
  3. Spell check and format the CV to a high standard. Make it look professional. Adding a photo to the top right corner can also add value.
  4. Don’t add irrelevant experience. Keep you CV concise, a maximum of two pages.
  5. Write a short but relevant covering letter in the body of the email. Include that you meet the required qualifications, have the desired experience and can start when suggested. Even go as far as doing some research on the school and making a brief mention in the covering email. Personalise each cover letter to the job ad you are replying to, never just fire off CV’s without acknowledging the author of the ad and their specific requirements.

Follow these simple tips and you’re halfway there to a job!

All the best, the TEFL Jobs London team.


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