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Finding EFL Teaching Work in London in 2011

By Jon Duckett
Experienced TEFL teacher and director at TEFL Jobs London

Finding EFL teaching work in London in 2011

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2011 is fast approaching, and the beginning of the year will be the best time to apply for London based TEFL Jobs.

During the early part of the year language schools in London will be making preparations for their busy summer period and looking to get additional teachers in place. It is important they start this process early as the application process can take a number of weeks to complete. As well as looking at CVs, Directors of Study will want to interview candidates, take up references and verify degree and teaching certificates. Additionally it is becoming more common for language schools to carry out CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checks on teachers, particularly if they are going to be working with young learners. This process can take a number of weeks to complete.

There are a number of ways you can ensure you get a great TEFL teaching position in London:

  1. Check our London TEFL Jobs Board frequently.
  2. Sign up for London TEFL Job alerts on our homepage.
  3. Post your CV in our resumes section to get contacted directly by London language schools.
  4. Sign up for A+ Teachers to receive access to unadvertised TEFL teaching positions.

We will soon be receiving a great deal of job posts and requests for teachers from London language schools. Act now so you don’t miss out!

All the best,

The TEFL Jobs London Team.


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