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The Best Resource

By Donna Hutchinson,
Newly-qualified TEFL Teacher, @donnatamara

One of the things I really like about being an EFL teacher is the fact that for the most part, there is not much routine or monotony. Each class is different meaning that adhering to a ‘curriculum’ isn’t always possible. If a class is struggling with a certain grammar topic, more focus must be given to that, or to speaking, or listening, etc. There is a large element of independence available. However, being a newly-qualified teacher, I’ve not yet managed to compile ring-binders full of ready-made lessons. Although, I must mention that I did inherit one from my older brother (thank you, Dan!). This means that I spend a great deal of my time planning. I want to make my lessons the best they can be for my students. Of course, the classes that I have taught all have a set textbook and they do much of the work for you, but I’ve found that they generally provide a basis that I can then supplement. This is especially true at the moment as I am teaching an advanced class. They zoom through their textbook!

Sometimes, it can get somewhat tiring trawling through internet resources, Youtube videos, and other textbooks to find the best stuff. It took me a little while and a little courage to discover by far the best resource around… The Staff Room. Other teachers are indeed the best resource. For me, they became an untapped gold mine of ideas and advice. Whether it was finding the right task for teaching modal verbs; dealing with problematic students; carrying out IELTS speaking test practise; providing tasks challenging enough for advanced students… the list goes on. These are genuine problems that I have had, which were only remedied with the help of my colleagues.

Starting at a new school I was determined to appear self-assured, self-sufficient and, most of all, not inexperienced, because obviously I was none of these things. Soon enough I let that go and was overwhelmed by the support I received from fellow teachers and my DOS (Director of Studies). My confidence continues to grow, as does my ring-binder, and I have become much more comfortable taking on new challenges.

Finally, the time has come when now, other teachers ask for my advice and opinions, and a part of me feels a little bit like I’ve made it. I’m in!

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One Response to “The Best Resource”

  1. Alan
    December 10, 2011 at 3:15 pm #

    More very good stuff – well done!