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By Neil Root
Neil Root is a writer and London based English Language teacher with 10 years experience.

Cover TEFL teaching in London

By Joseph Plotz (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

With the London TEFL industry being very sporadic in regard to teaching opportunities in autumn, winter and early spring, being a cover teacher for permanent staff off sick or on holiday is a major part of surviving as a TEFL teacher in the capital. Being a cover teacher is an art, and there are ways to streamline your approach to these short-term roles.

Remember that you are taking the class for anything for one hour to a fortnight or three weeks. You may think that the class you will enter will be used to their regular teacher and miss that teacher, and this may daunt you. But not necessarily – most London TEFL schools rotate their teachers at regular intervals, to keep their teaching fresh. Also, no teacher is everybody’s favourite. This is an important lesson to learn- you have skills that other teachers do not, and they ones which you don’t possess. So be ‘yourself’, as students respond to confidence and a fluent lesson.

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By Neil Root
Neil Root is a writer and London based English Language teacher with 10 years experience.

How To Impress A London Tefl School

By Shane Global from Hastings, UK (Intermediate Class Uploaded by Mr. Stradivarius) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The London TEFL market is a tough and fast-moving one, and to get regular, permanent or repeat work at a good school, you have to impress. Be the go-to person they call when they need a teacher for cover or a long teaching contract. So much of your career in London TEFL is in your hands, even in turbulent teaching times.

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By Neil Root
Neil Root is a writer and London based English Language teacher with 10 years experience.

River Thames

London is a city with scores of English language schools, some more established than others. With your Trinity TESOL/CELTA/DELTA accreditation, you have the passport to apply for jobs at any of these schools – one or two even take non-qualified teachers – one school in central London was recently advertising for teaching ‘interns’- no qualifications or experience required, 25 hours teaching a week for £450 a month! For the professional teacher of course, such schools are to be avoided. The kite mark of real quality is of course the British Council stamp of approval, and such schools have high standards and can offer more career development, but obviously in return, higher teaching standards and attendance at training workshops (sometimes unpaid) are expected, and observations and feedback are usually given on a regular basis.

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About Us

TEFL CourseThe TEFL Lab is a dedicated teacher training centre, and we specialise in training people to become Teachers of English as a Foreign Language.

Our aim is to train teachers right at the start of their career, so that they can provide the high standards of English teaching that is in demand throughout the world. With this in mind we’ve set ourselves three simple goals:

  • To encourage intelligent, talented people from a diverse range of backgrounds to choose English teaching as a career
  • To give our students the best training possible, using excellent course materials and inspirational teaching methods
  • To send our new teachers out into the world, confident and fully equipped to teach English anywhere on the planet

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by Clara Harland

Journeying through the EFL Patchwork Quilt, piecing together work in a variety of schools, I have always found that a continuing challenge for me has been to find new and innovative ways of dealing with discipline in the classroom. From rowdy groups of teenagers to adults lacking in motivation because their employers have pushed them into an English course, adapting my discipline techniques to keep the class focussed on the task at hand has been both a source of satisfaction and one of immense frustration.

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